Our unique courses help you to understand the full E&P value chain in the safe environment of business simulation.


Whether you are a geoscientist, an engineer or an accountant, knowing how the oil and gas industry can be affected by multiple factors – technical, commercial, geopolitical – will make you better at your job.

Through getting your hands on the executive decision making of an E&P company and living with the consequences of your decisions, the courses demonstrate the importance of x-functional thinking and integrated decision making.

Our courses put you at the heart of real world situations where what you do has an impact on the full value chain. You will fail, you will win – either way you will learn.

At a Glance...

Internationalisation: global perspective and portfolio management
Strategy Development: setting a direction within a competitive environment
Planning and Performance Mgt: creating plans and managing financials
Decision-Making: commercial criteria, negotiation and risk management
Asset Trading: valuation techniques, options and deal making
Value Chain: gas and infrastructure commercial arrangements
Reputation Management: relationships, interaction and issue management
Joint Venture Management: managing complex issues across companies
Government Involvement: regulatory & fiscal issues and Govt relationships
Risk Management: understanding the key risks and how to manage them
Organisation and Governance: optimizing how good decisions are made
Terminology: getting familiar with the terminology
Accountancy: understanding the basic accounting principles
Legal Agreements: covering the key elements what to look out for
Ethics: understanding the law and appreciating their importance
Leadership & Teamwork: understanding team and leadership dynamics


Executives in any capital intensive complex international business need to ensure they have the right:

  • Level of integrated strategic thinking
  • Approach to manage performance
  • Tools and processes to think and plan ahead
  • Team skills to encourage integrated decision making
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Broad commercial understanding and approach to negotiations and deal making
  • Approach to risk, relationships and portfolio management

EPEX provides a highly realistic approach to developing up and coming executive thinking in these key areas.



  • Transform oil & gas specialists into versatile industry professionals capable of understanding the company-wide impact of their day to day decisions
  • Expose government officials and regulators and those new to the industry to the full E&P value chain
  • Improve organisational fitness in terms of strategic thinking and decision making
  • Be better prepared to manage business as circumstances change



  • Preparing future industry professionals for the fast-paced decision-making awaiting them in the real world
  • Acquire the skills needed to help you climb to senior management roles in your company
  • Develop commercial awareness and deeper knowledge of the oil and gas industry
  • Move to a higher level of awareness in terms of decision making in an uncertain world




“Excellent course which covers a very complex area in a clear and understandable manner.” COURSE PARTICIPANT

“A very experienced team which is capable of giving a complete overview of the oil and gas industry roles and functions, even for people outside the industry.” COURSE PARTICIPANT

“Probably the best course I have ever been on.” COURSE PARTICIPANT

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“The EPEX team combine a detailed software simulation model, entertaining role-play and their considerable industry experience to give highly engaging opportunity for people to learn what management of an overall business involves. The Epex experience successfully combines technical and commercial factors within the shifting economic and political landscape that characterises the E&P industry.” DAVID ELMES, ACADEMIC DIRECTOR, GLOBAL ENERGY MBA, WARWICK BUSINESS SCHOOL


“Nearly 30 participants were shown an insight into the development of a business strategy and thereafter the impact of their decisions on investment in various areas such as HSE, Technology, Exploration and Capital Projects over a period of 10 years, all within the one week training period. … This is a tremendous way to teach people and the motivation of the group afterwards was extremely high, thank you.”


Further Feedback...

“A fantastic exercise which has given me a step change in my understanding of the management challenges of running a global oil and gas company.”

“Brilliant software and role playing of the facilitators.  Very relevant content in teaching management skills.“

“The course was fantastic. It satisfied my desire and surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend it.“

“Very powerful simulation programme, I learned a lot about myself, teamwork, working under pressure, prioritising etc.“

“One of the best courses I’ve been on. Very entertaining and fun way to learn.“

“Best Class!!! Second to none!”

“A special thanks for a very comprehensive and professionally made simulation software tool. The visualisation in it extremely helped to grasp the material and evaluate the outcome of various decisions”

“BANG ON!! End to end simulation starting from bidding lobbying until production and most importantly sustaining the performance.”

“Very high quality software which helps delivers concepts clearly”

“I’ve been in this industry for many years and have been exposed to various elements included in the class over the years, but this did a great job of integrating all those pieces into an intelligent form”

“Hands down, the best class.”

“The entire training is very well structured and almost everything was useful to me.”

“This is a tremendous way to teach people and the motivation of the group afterwards was extremely high, thank you.”

“Great job!  Definitely worth the investment in time – couldn’t think of anything to change.”

“The EPEX team combine a detailed software simulation model, entertaining role-play and their considerable industry experience to give a highly engaging opportunity for people to learn what management of an overall business involves.”

“You were all amazingly knowledgeable and entertaining. Thank you kindly.”

“The way of learning, investor relations grilling & ministers was very humorous and energised the class.  The days flew by.”




Over the course CORE programme participants will engage in a number of tasks including analysing investment opportunities, negotiating with partners, lobbying government officials and presenting to investors.

The course touches on all important aspects of E&P executive management as the complexity of the business increases from one simulation year to the next. It demonstrates how integrated thinking leads to better decision making. Participants learn hands-on how Joint Ventures operate and there are a number of events to reinforce learning.

The course is fast moving, intensive and fun. Participants get a flavour of working in an international environment building their business against the backdrop of an uncertain world and living with the consequences of their decisions.



Our tailored in-depth courses are customised for the client and allow participants to explore particular issues in depth.

For example a team may wish to investigate outcomes of different strategy choices and how they might play out over time in a competitive world, or how low oil price might affect decision making. They may wish to hone their negotiating skills or leadership / teamwork behaviours.

These courses can be added to the CORE course or can be provided stand-alone.



The Overview Course provides participants with a high-level interactive experience of getting your hands on the steering wheel of an international capital intensive business such as E&P. As such this course is well suited to E&P early career professionals seeking to expand their horizons through a better understanding of the E&P value chain. Banks, legal firms, accountants and Non-Execs would also benefit.

EPEX also provides a tailored course for business schools with less emphasis on E&P and more emphasis on leadership, decision making and negotiation in a complex world.



Our Online Experience gives participants a feel of the main aspects of E&P management and how strategy, planning and performance management interact. The course is short and high-level and is intended as an introduction to the CORE programme where the level of interaction is significantly higher. The course can be provided on-line and can be provided for a small number of people in one organisation.

Our intention is to be able to provide our other courses on-line allowing teams in different offices to interact though this capability is not yet available.


Complementary resources to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom

EPEX courses are supported by a number of EPEX videos that cover the subject basics. This allows participants to delve deeper into the various skills required to be a competent senior manager.

These short videos cover more commercial aspects such as negotiation dynamics, valuation methodologies, deal making, legal agreements, JV management, leadership behaviours, teamwork, governance and a host of other areas.

The videos constitute an invaluable resource for participants as they venture through their careers.

The full video library is being continuously updated.


Seasoned, experienced, generous ex-industry pros who enjoy helping people learn while having fun.